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What Does Bedford Car Club Do?

Bedford Car Club organises and runs Autotests, 12-car Rallies, 'Mini-Rallies', Treasure Hunts and Club Nights on a regular basis, for the participation of its members. It also provides access, through the Regional Association structure, to higher grades of all types of events.

It runs a number of Championships for its members, which cover all forms and grades of Motorsport, as well as the more social activities. It provides encouragement, advice and experience via its existing members as well as a social focus where its members can meet like-minded people.

It issues a regular Magazine to keep its members in touch with Motorsport Internationally, Nationally and locally, providing access for its members to participate at whatever level of Motorsport they choose, be it as a competitor, marshal or spectator.

It takes pride in the fact that, over the years, its members, both male and female (there are no concessions in Motorsport - we compete on equal terms!) have competed successfully at all levels of Motorsport.



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