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What do You Need to get started in Motorsport?


For most motorsport events run under RACMSA rules, a full and valid British Driving licence is required (though not necessarily for navigators and under-eighteen's on some off road events), together with the current membership card of a recognised Motor Club. This is sufficient for all the events that we run.

To graduate to higher levels (including all Circuit Racing and Stage Rallies) you must hold a current Competition Licence. Grades vary and have to be earned by experience (ie: you can't just buy an International Licence, you have to qualify through the National grades first). If you wish to do this, we can get you your first Competition Licence and show you the road to your International.

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You MUST check with your own Insurance Company. You will find that normal cover specifically excludes any form of motorsport (although you will often find that this usually means anything involving timing). It is sometimes possible to negotiate with your Insurers to extend your current cover to the sorts of things you want to do, either as an extension to your policy or on a specific event basis. If this is not possible, Bedford Car Club can arrange Public Road Third Party cover for motorsport events for you, through the RACMSA's own Insurers.

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