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Bedford Car Club


BCC is an association of people who have a common appreciation of all things to do with motor vehicles, take pleasure in their driving and associated skills and have a special interest in the use of cars in sport in all ways and forms.  The club has been in existence since 1926, though we can trace ancestry directly back to 1907, with links even earlier.  It takes its name from the Town of Bedford, England.

Bedford Car Club is its members.

It is run by and for its members and reflects their tastes and interests.

The Club is affiliated to the Motor Sports Association and is a member of the East Midlands Association of Motor Clubs.  We tend to specialise in Rallying and Autotesting, but all kinds of enthusiasts are welcomed.

See Contacting the BCC and the Events Calendar.


Please note we have no connection to the now defunct Bedford range of Commercial Vehicles.  If you Google Bedford vans or Bedford trucks you might find what you are looking for.  Thank you.





October and November PCAs have had to be Cancelled due to loss of venue.

Hangover Regs published.


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